However, there’s no escaping the fact that the majority of the cost goes towards the advanced music features of this model. If you enjoy playing music through your receiver, the Pioneer SC-LX904 has you covered. This model includes features like multiroom audio, Sonos compatibility, and even compatibility with high-end music software like Roon. These options are great to have, but if all you’re doing is buying a receiver for your home theater setup, you’ll be wasting your money here.

It also comes with 6 HDMI inputs and one output, which come with HDR video, BT.2020, and HDCP 2.2 support. There’s even a Phono input that you can use to connect a turntable to play your vinyls, and a Party manuals on line Mode setting which has been configured to deliver sound that really brings the house down . Another nifty feature is the Reflex Optimizer, which navigates the sound emanating from the speakers according to the direction, leading to a more comfortable sounding audio. Lastly, the Phase Control further synchronizes the sound to better manage the bass and control the sound as it travels between speakers. This leads to a well-composed and seamless sound quality. This receiver comes with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to establish multi-room home network and enable full control of the receiver from anywhere in your house. Plus you can use the same feature to listen to online radio and stream your favorite content directly from your mobile device of choice.

Vizio Oled 4k Hdr Tv Review Oled65

Even with all of the fancy equipment in the world at our disposal, this took a lot of effort and thorough testing on our part to get this right. If you have some sort of A/V modification let’s hear about it here. Discussion of stock electrical problems should be done in the ‘Lighting & Electrical’ section. This isn’t an H&K citation or a krell or mcintosh or something. If after a bit of noodling it doesn’t seem obvious what the cause is it might just be time for an upgrade. I can’t explain exactly how the hell that worked in any technical sense but just reseating the cables didn’t do it.

  • Also factoring into a TV’s overall score are high-definition and ultra-high definition picture quality, HDR performance, viewing angle, sound quality, motion blur, and energy efficiency.
  • To fix I took off negative battery cable wanted 5 min put back on.
  • This powerhouse will deliver superb audio and video for many years to come.

If you changed all the speakers in the audio system, then you need to check that there is no interference between them. If there is no proper order followed in arranging the speakers, there is a possibility that the sound waves of a speaker are being disturbed by another.


If you’re using an adapting harness, it should have RCAs that will connect into the back of the head unit. If your car radio doesn’t turn on, the first thing you should check is whether the power cable is properly connected or whether it’s passing current. You can use a multimeter to check whether the power cable is supplying power. In case it’s not, then the power cable is faulty and needs replacement. If its passing current but the radio won’t turn on, then maybe there’s a blown fuse in the radio.